Ann Arbor
Zen Buddhist Temple


11-25 July 2017


Buddhas on Death Row joined the vibrant community brought together by the Zen Buddhist Temple in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
The exhibition was part of the Temple’s Summer Lecture series which explored issues around mass incarceration including fair justice and Buddhist work in prisons.

Visitors shared their reflections and messages on post-its and the exhibit journal, weaving a conversation into the exhibit.
Shared practice rippled into sits synced with Moyo.
The Buddhas were so at home at the Temple that they ended up staying for weeks longer than originally envisioned.

Much gratitude to Senior Priest Haju Sunim and the whole Ann Arbor Sangha for the power of practice in action and community.
Thanks to Osaek and Leah for the lovely pictures.


Ann Arbor Zen Buddhist Temple
Prison Dharma
Messages on post-its
Messages on post-its
Messages on post-its
May All Beings Benefit