"I spent a week in the cell on a strict regimen of yoga and meditation, drawing, reading and thinking about what I wanted to do as an artist.

The first painting that I made on the final day of this retreat was a Buddha head and for no other reason than I was drawn to it. I liked how I felt making it, the shape of it felt good to my hand.

It dawned on me that I could continue to study this image and what it means and maybe that would help me get closer to its essence. Maybe that would do something good for me and in turn for someone else as well." ~Moyo


Moyo (Swahili for heart / spirit) is a brush name adopted by the artist. Presenting the works with this name is part of his spiritual practice, “an antidote to the ego”.

Click on each artwork to see a larger image and to read the accompanying reflection.

Analog - 2015
Company - 2015
Avidya - 2015
Rust - 2015
I Just Wanna Be an Old Yogi - 2015
Siddhartha - 2015
Seven - 2015
Release - 2015
Impermanence - 2015
Healing - 2016
Mani Pearl at the Charnel Grounds - 2016
Healing - 2016