Buddhas on
Death Row

a quest for consciousness unconfined


About This Project


Buddhas on Death Row brings to light a profound journey unfolding in the darkest of places. It is a testament to the power of art, inner cultivation, and friendship.

This project was born out of correspondence traveling between the United States and Finland. The pen friends: Moyo, who lives on Death Row, and Maria, who lives in Helsinki.

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“We can use these cells like meditation cells used by monks in monasteries. But prison is not a monastery.

Although I may do my best to take advantage of the opportunities I have for genuine practice in the confines of this cell, to lose touch with what the cell is intended for would be a mistake.”

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“I’m building with layers of thoughts, ideas and emotions. It is a Dharmic resolution I’m seeking and the layers symbolize the progression to that point.”

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“I try to make use of discarded or ignored bits in my art because we all have something worthwhile for another, we just have to find it – and it took me coming to death row to find my worth as a human.”


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Ann Arbor Zen Buddhist Temple July 11-25, 2017

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Helsinki August 11-28, 2016

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